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About the project

This project is intended to be a home of Office 2007 development tools implemented with Visual Studio 2008. I started this project to collect tools, samples related to Office 2007 and offer tips for developers how to start their projects, how to solve certain issues. If you find it useful, or you also have samples, please, join the project as a contributor or just as a guest!
I timed to start this project to the release of Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 SDK. My aim is to present all the examples using "VS 2008-aware" code and features.


  • HelloWorldFromWord is the first Office 2007 project sample to start from. It is as simple as its name suggests.
  • MyStylesSample demonstrates how to create a simple ribbon and put event handler code behind the ribbon controls.


RibbonExplorer: This utility displays the hierarchy of Office 2007 built-in ribbon controls.


More tools and samples are coming...

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