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When working with Office 2007 ribbons you should refer to existing Office 2007 elements with so-called idMso elements. This is the case either you use the XML ribbon notation or the Visual Studio Tools for Office within VS 2008. Although Microsoft published the list of these identifiers and their relations in a dozen of Excel sheets, using them isn't easy at all. To make it easier, I have created an application -- This is RibbonExplorer -- to help finding Office 2007 ribbon elements quite easy. This utility also displays the hierarchy of ribbon elements (like ribbons, groups, controls, etc) so you can discover element relations.


The right panel on the screen shows the hierarchy of the specified element. By double-clicking into that hierarchy you can easily navigate within the element tree. Click to a note in the element tree with the right mouse button to copy the name of the clicked element into the clipboard.

Right now the downloadable source code contains a project named RibbonExplorerPackage that -- as its name indicates -- is a Visual Studio 2008 package to display RibbonExplorer in a tool window. If you have installed Visual Studio 2008 SDK, you can try this package but I have not created a deployment package yet. It will come soon -- and the package may contain other tools...

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